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Ironically, the online world is both a root cause of growing rates of overweight and obesity as well as an opportunity to enhance results of dieting and weight reduction attempts. Plainly, something that contributes to the sedentary lifestyle of ours is a problem -- as well as the Internet undoubtedly does that. But researchers have discovered that a structured weight loss program delivered over the web is able to guide folks achieve improved dieting results.<br/><br/>Impartial analysis proof<br/><br/>Independent analysis proof<br/>In a 2001 research at Brown Medical School, two groups of people wanting to slim down ended up being monitored for a period of six weeks. One group got weekly dieting guidance from behavioral therapists on the web,  exipure.com reviews (<a href="https://www.rentonreporter.com/local-marketplace/exipure-reviews-safe-ingredients-to-lose-weight/">mouse click the following webpage</a>) while the other just had access to info about good physical exercise and nutrition. The group which received the weekly dieting recommendation lost three times as-much weight as individuals who only had access to information -- 9 pounds compared to three pounds. In accordance with these findings, the scientists came to the conclusion that "the Internet and e mail seem to be viable methods for delivery of structured behavioral weight-loss programs."<br/><br/>Study validates structured approach<br/><br/>Study validates structured approach<br/><br/>A much more recent study, led by Dr. Stanley Heshka of St Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center in York which is new, learned that a commercially available structured weight loss program delivered much better results than a self help <a href="https://www.search.com/web?q=approach">approach</a>. In this experiment, just one team of people that are obese  received printed dieting and exercise source materials as well as guidance in finding additional weight loss resources at public libraries, by phone and on the internet.<br/>The other group received vouchers to attend weekly meetings at Weight Watchers as well as chance to view Weight Watchers' food plans, exercise programs and cogitative conduct  modification services. By the conclusion of the two-year study, the group of participants which joined the Weight Watchers program had acquired better excess weight loss results. Once again, the more structured diet program approach proved to be more effective.<br/>Who's to blame for poor performance?<br/>Who is to blame for poor performance?<br/><br/>A subsequent <a href="https://www.Brandsreviews.com/search?keyword=study%20led">study led</a> by Dr. Leslie Womble, a clinical psychologist at the Faculty of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, compared still another commercial weight loss program -- this one delivered online -- to a diet program obtainable in a printed manual. In this instance, the Internet program was found to be less effective. This particular result surprised the researchers, that had anticipated the opposite outcome. The researchers speculated that one reason the online program performed poorly was that, while it offered a number of weight loss information, the user experience it provided was ultimately unstructured. The manual, on the other hand, gave specific instructions for dieting and losing weight and place greater focus on activities such as recording counting calories and food intake.<br/><br/>Ask questions before you buy<br/><br/>Wiser consumers


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